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Ivanka Delivers The Goods

by Jo-Ann Waytowich
music by Jo-Ann Waytowich and Dianne Potts

In this hilarious and wacky shopping adventure, the crazy powerhouse Ivanka and her identical twin sister Maruica have just acquired a shopping channel and are about to take the home shopping craze to new heights! Tune into "Ivanka's Household Boutique" (pronounced boo-tee-cue), where every item has been hand crafted by the mistress of recycling herself, no lies guaranteed! The zany antics of these two beauties from Slobjev are sure to garner top ratings!

Ivanka's Household Boutique features such items as a recycling video called "Dont' Throw In The Towel - Quilt it!", Ivanka's Guaranteed To Fit Even The Largest Of Legs Knee Highs and Ivanka's Fabulous Boa Kit. All items are stamped with her signature perogy logo!

This comedy also features a number of bubbly, toe-tapping tunes such as 1-800-SHOP NOW and Queen of the Toilet Paper Roll that has the audience in stitches.

"Don't come to this show expecting a spiritual awakening. It's fun. It's funny. I talk about things no one else talks about."
-- Jo-Ann Waytowich

"A deliciously nutty parody of TV's home shopping craze which invites you to check your brain at the ticket window and leave your ribs free for tickling."
-- Lunchbox Theatre, Calgary, AB

Photos By: Greg Malo
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