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Ivanka's Perfect Christmas

By Jo-Ann Waytowich
Music by Dianne Potts

In the 4th installment of the "Ivanka" series, the identical twins from Slobjev, Ivanka and Marucia are getting ready for the holiday season. Marucia is vowing to keep ancient Slobjevian Christmas traditions alive, while Ivanka is unwavering in her determination to embrace Canadian culture by having a truly "Canadian" Christmas. Tato (father) arrives from Slobjev and the conflict between old and new escalate. Ivankas plans for the "Perfect" Canadian Christmas slowly unravel as she discovers the true meaning of Christmas spirit. Complete with music and trademark Ivanka buffoonery, Ivanka's Perfect Christmas is bound to roast your chestnuts.

"It is full of the high energy humour that made Ivanka famous, but it also deals with sentimental issues, such as the death of Ivanka and Marucia's mother, and being proud of your heritage" -- Lawrence Deswiage

"From the way she sits (with her legs wide open), to the way she scratches herself, performs traditional Slobjev songs and gets drunk off a bottle of rum in a matter of minutes, Waytowich had the packed house roaring with laughter." -- Sheri Block, Calgary Herald

Photos By: Bill Davis
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