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Ivanka Chews The Fat!

A Motivational Musical Comedy
By Jo-Ann Waytowich
Music by Jo-Ann Waytowich and Dianne Potts

Ivanka Chews The Fat! Is a high-energy, fast-paced motivational musical comedy that has taken the country by storm! Audience response has been an overwhelming "10 out of 10". Box office success has been tremendous! As heard on CBC's radio show Madly Off In All Directions and Arthur Black's Basic Black, Ivanka is making a BIG Canadian splash!

The creation of Thunder Bay, Ontario playwright, singer and comedienne, Jo-Ann Waytowhich, Ivanka Chews The Fat! Is the third play in the "Ivanka" series. The first two productions, I Can Sing! (Can't I?) and Ivanka Delivers the Goods were instant hits with audiences.

Ms. Waytowich is once again dishing up more delicious comedy in Ivanka Chews the Fat! Now, Ivanka takes a turn at motivational speaking and shares her life's wisdom by offering Ivanka's 10-Point Personal Tune-Up or "take a check-up from the neck-up!" She is out to help those who spend their lives worrying about being fat and out-of-shape, and offers wisdom and advice to folks who fret about getting old. Through song, dance and story, Ivanka offers her own brand of motivational merriment.

While primarily written for an adult audience, the young and the young at heart will enjoy Ivanka Chews The Fat!

Photos By: Mario Crudo
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