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Welcome to Ivanka's website. Here, you will find information about all the Ivanka shows, about the creator Jo-Ann Waytowich and about upcoming performances and contact information.

The character of Ivanka is the brainchild of Jo-Ann Waytowich, a Thunder Bay Ontario based playwright, singer and performer. Ivanka was born in the early 1980's when she appeared in a television commercial about a plumbing store called the Plumbing Shack.

Ivanka has gone on to develop a life of her own. She stars in 5 full-length musicals, has done numerous television and radio commercials, emcees special events like polka festivals and fundraisers, does stand-up comedy, has appeared on CBC radio, has done a promotional video for the Finnish Heritage Building Fund, has toured Canada from coast to coast, has written "advice columns" for several newspapers, and has an official day named after her in the city of Barrie Ontario.

If you'd like to see Ivanka in action, please go to www.vimeo.com and search for "Perogy Nation" - a 1/2 hour television pilot shot by local film maker Kelly Saxberg.

Welcome to Ivankaland and enjoy your visit.

Jo-Ann Waytowich
Ivanka Productions | info@ivanka.ca